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Sovereign by Polypipe

Polypipe’s Sovereign is a beautifully crafted guttering profile that is based on the old moulded ogee style of gutter. The gutter is sized at 117mm wide x 75mm deep and is capable of draining a roof area up to a maximum 284m ² .

This gutter is very similar in appearance to the Regency gutter by Hunter Plastics, the Niagara system by Floplast and the modern seamless aluminium guttering often seen being roll formed from the back of a van. Please note that there are similarities they are not all interchangeable (compatible).

The Sovereign upvc guttering system from Polypipe is available in black, white and brown and will accept either 68m round or 65mm square pipe and fittings.

Sovereign Ogee Gutter in black

Sovereign Ogee Gutter in white

Sovereign Ogee Gutter in brown


Victorian Ogee by Polypipe

Polypipe’s Ogee Extra Capacity gutter has been designed to match the profile of the old Victorian ogee gutter that has been widely used throughout the UK for over 150 years.

The gutter is sized at 130mm wide x 70m deep and will drain a roof area of up to 176m²

This gutter is very similar to the ogee styled guttering produced by Hunter plastics but please note that they are not compatible with each other. This ogee guttering system will accept either 68mm round pipe or 65mm square pipe. This system is available in black, white & brown.

Polypipe ogee gutter in black

Polypipe ogee gutter in white

Polypipe ogee gutter in brown


Omega Gutter 2550 from Terrain

Terrain’s latest innovative design comes in the curvy shape of the Omega 2550 gutter system. The system has a flat back and if used with the overslung brackets will fit neatly against the existing fascia. This gutter is ideal for the more distinctive house as well as for bungalows and Georgian style houses.

The gutter is sized at 122mm wide x 72mm deep and will drain roof areas of up to 242m² .

Available in black, white and brown, this ogee styled rainwater system will accept either 68m round downpipe or 62mm square downpipe

Terrain Omega Gutter in black

Terrain Omega Gutter in white

ogee gutter range
Terrain Omega Gutter in brown