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Imitation Cast IronĀ Guttering & Downpipes

Buy imitation cast iron guttering online and get it delivered to your door using the nationwide delivery service from Angel Plastics

The plastic gutter that really looks like cast iron

imitation cast iron guttering

Standard 112mm Half Round Guttering

This type of guttering has all the traditional appearance of cast iron but with all the lightweight benefits of upvc.

Overall measurements = 112mm wide x 51mm deep

This specially texture coated gutter combines with traditional styled rainwater pipework to give the full appearance of a cast iron rainwater system.


Benefits of this guttering system include:

  • Significantly cheaper material than cast iron
  • Huge savings in labour costs
  • Integral seals that speed gutter installation
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • No nuts, bolts, spanners or angle grinders required
  • External fixings wings on gutter fittings that reduce the number of fascia brackets required (allow one fascia bracket per metre of gutter)


The rainwater downpipes available in this range consist of standard 68mm round section as per the above picture. All pipes are stocked in 1.8 metre (6 ft) sections with integral socket and fixing ears absolutely identical to the traditional cast iron downpipes that are visible on many properties to this day. Downpipe connection to the gutter outlet is achieved with either one of the range of (one piece) swanneck bends or directly into one of the many beautifully styled hopper heads that are available, one of which is the standard ogee hopper shown below



imitation cast iron hopper