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Squareline Plastic Gutter

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Terrain 2200 Corniche (the stylish square system) guttering.

Available in black, brown, white & grey

corniche-angles terrain

Selection of square guttering in all colours

Overall measurements = 120mm wide x 51mm deep

The Terrain Corniche Gutter system has a sleek profile complimenting the appearance of modern buildings. is ideal for housing and smaller commercial properties. Maximum roof areas up to 149m ² .

Two downpipe options available:- 62mm square / 68mm round


Polypipe square gutter, the popular choice for the DIY market. Available in black, brown, & white.


Square guttering in black

Square guttering in brown

Square guttering in white

Overall measurements = 112mm wide x 65mm deep

The Polypipe square system gutter is a modern looking gutter which is compatible with Hepworth, Hunter Plastics, Brett Martin & Marshall Tufflex. Maximum roof areas up to 144m ². Will suit 65mm square downpipes and 68mm round pipes (if square to round adaptor used).