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Deepflow Plastic Guttering

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Available in both Terrain & Polypipe systems

Terrain Rapidflow 2450 range of guttering.

Available in black, brown & white


Overall measurements = 137mm wide x 73mm deep

The Terrain Rapidflow system is a large capacity deep elliptical gutter capable of draining roof areas up to 266m² with a single downpipe. This type of upvc guttering is ideal for larger houses and commercial properties and gives outstanding all round rainwater disposal performance.

Two downpipe options available:- 68mm round / 82mm round


Polypipe’s equivalent is the ‘Polyflow’ gutter and is available in black, white, grey & brown


Overall measurements = 117mm wide x 75mm deep

The Polyflow guttering system is again used mainly on larger houses and commercial properties. Maximum roof areas up to 172m² Suits only 68mm round upvc downpipe