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Cast Aluminium Rainwater Guttering

The cast aluminium range of sectional gutter is by far the most authentic range you can get if you are trying to match up to cast iron. You really will not be able to tell the difference. This type of gutter is produced from sand mouldings which give the unique textured feel of a cast iron gutter

Advantages over cast iron as follows


  1. Lighter in weight
  2. Virtually Maintenance free
  3. Will not require painting

This gutter system really fits together beautifully due to the socket/spigot connections. Quite simply one interlocks into the next section. Use silicone to bed the joint and tighten together using the special nut, bolt & washer

Order it in any powder coated colour in the RAL colour range

Conventional Half Round


The half round system comes in the following sizes:-

  1. 100mm opening x 44mm depth
  2. 112mm opening x 49mm depth
  3. 125mm opening x 53mm depth
  4. 150mm opening x 60mm depth

Traditional Victorian Ogee


As the name suggests this profile of gutter has been around for many years and there are thousands of miles of it still left in cast iron that is now coming to the end of it’s life. Cast aluminium Victorian ogee is a faithful reproduction of the Victorian era.

Comes in the following sizes:-

  1. 100mm opening x 51mm depth
  2. 112mm opening x 57mm depth
  3. 125mm opening x 65mm depth

No 46 Ogee


Not to be confused with the Victorian ogee. The No 46 is a deeper gutter than the Victorian ogee with a flat back and flat bottom the front edge incorporates the ogee moulding. This is a very robust gutter and is often seen on schools and other municipal buildings

Comes in the following sizes:-

  1. 100mm opening x 75mm depth
  2. 125mm opening x 100mm depth
  3. 150mm opening x 100mm depth